Providing Safety Management Support to Your Company

Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC is dedicated on giving you a business-like approach to safety to protect your employees, your insurance premiums, and your bottom line.  With the current business climate, safety & health compliance is no longer an option.  Our goal is to give your company piece of mind knowing that they are in compliance with local, state, and federal government safety & health agencies.  

What make Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC a better option? We just focus on your safety program. Also, we are not on your payroll; meaning you just pay an hourly flat rate, and not our insurance or 401k benefits.  Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC understands that there are companies in the Chicago-Land area where either the Human Resource Manager, or another Non-Safety Manager oversees the safety program.  They also have other tasks in their subject matter expert arena; which would make them overlook the details on certain safety requirements.  This is where Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC would come in.


Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC will build a comprehensive safety management program for your company to keep you in compliance.  Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC will work with your general liability insurance company to make them happy as well; which in return will decrease your premiums.


Give us a call or send an email and we can see what Q&A Safety Solutions, LLC can do with your safety management program.   

Free Consultations

Benefits to Hiring a Safety Management Consultant

• Reduce overhead costs

• 100 percent business expense (deductible)

• Service available either as needed or specified by contract

• Training available for employees when required

• OSHA intervention service available by someone who has experience dealing with the agency, can negotiate on your behalf, and can save you some serious expense, should you be fined

• Pre-OSHA inspection service and recommendations to correct potential problems at your site

• Up to date on safety regulations

• Available to check current safety manual and upgrade as required or write a new safety manual specific to your company and industry

• Can set up and check OSHA-required paperwork for construction subs on the job site.


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